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Sunrise Kosher - Vaad of Northern California

For over 20 years, SUNRISE KOSHER CERTIFICATION has set the bar for the highest standards of Kosher.

Today, Sunrise Kosher - a community based organization - supervises thousands of products by more than 50 companies in the San Francisco Bay Area alone.   Accepted globally, Sunrise Kosher provides the highest grade kosher certification for our clients. 

Kosher Certification Ensures Quality


Reasons To Choose Sunrise Kosher

  1. We provide a FREE Quote and Analysis for your Northern California company's Kosher certification prospects.
  2. We will do our utmost to make Kosher certification understandable, obtainable and profitable for your company.
  3. We provide affordable and respected Kosher certification on an international basis.
  4. We show the ultimate care for your company's confidentiality.
  5. We are absolutely committed to providing the highest quality of customer service.